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Analysis of Difficulty level of SSC CGL 2013 for All Sections-Useful for SSC CGL 2014

SSC have always been a very easy exam to crack for all those who start their preparation on time. Though this fundamental rationale goes with every exam, but with SSC CGL exams its highly appropriate because major number questions are quite easy. Given this as an observation, then what stops a candidate to succeed in the exam? That it’s vastness in number of topics and the number of questions. Though simple the questions are but 200 questions to attempt in meager 120 minutes is not easy. You get .6 minute ( seconds) for each question. This gives jitters to aspirants and consequently this piles up to mental pressure on the exam day.

Stay Cool. Nothing to worry about. This is because if you attempt less number of questions but with maximum accuracy you will definitely lead in the exam. Now let me give you a brief idea of the toughness of the questions which were asked in Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Examination 2013 (SSC CGL 2013). If you want to know the exact number of questions asked in the exam, then please refer to the link, given for each section in the table.

Analysis: Lets start with General Intelligence & Reasoning section-

1.Toughness level of General Intelligence & Reasoning Section in SSC CGL 2013:

Out of 50 questions asked in this section, there could have been around 40 attempts very easily by the students. The questions were majorly easy with just few questions being moderately tough. Now keep in mind that it is NEVER RECOMMENDED TO DO ALL THE QUESTIONS. Neither SSC asks you to do all the 50 questions nor does you should ask yourself.

In short, it was an easily targetable and scoring section in the exam. Candidates even with pretty preparations would have scored good marks.


2. Toughness level of General Awareness Section in SSC CGL 2013:

It was the toughest section out of the all four sections in the exam. Questions were so random and were asked from various realms that people were having tears in their eyes while attempting for this section. (Why ?) Because, those who wasted their maximum time in cramming/mugging up maximum current affairs or facts were shocked to see with only few questions in the exam from their prepared topic (this usually happens if you start preparation without knowing the trends of the topics which are asked in the exam).

The questions were moderately tough with no easy questions. Candidates could have done only 10-12 questions in the exam thus getting only 8-9 marks in their total. (Oh! You got 40 marks? You are a bookworm then. How many books you crammed man? And the magazines? Hats-Off)



Number of Questions

Level of Difficulty

Possible Attempts

Possible Score

Number of Questions asked from various topic

General Intelligence & Reasoning





Click Here

General Awareness





Click Here

Quantitative/Numerical Aptitude





Click Here

English Comprehension





Click Here







3. Difficulty level of Quantitative Aptitude in SSC CGL 2013:

This was the most scoring section. Questions were not really tough. But as the number of questions were 50 (uniform for all sections), speed was the only needed virtue during the exam. Candidates could have easily scored good marks, around 28-30 as the questions were easy and of moderate level only.


4. Difficulty level of English Comprehension in SSC CGL 2013:

This section was also very easy. Candidates could have easily scored 30 marks or more in this section. If you were able to score more than that then, RESPECT. This is what I can say for you.

Also, if you really did the questions very comfortably (by not looking at your wrist watch after every second), then you really deserve to crack the exam (I am gonna taunt with the slogans then, ‘Angrezo Bharat Chodo…. Angrezo Bharat Chodo….. English tumhari Matra Bhasa  Hai.. 😀 )

I hope this analysis will help you to give some idea about the expected/tentative difficulty level of SSC CGL 2014 Exam.


Note: Don’t forget to check the links given in the table for checking the number of questions which were asked from various topics.


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  1. If someone do all question beside math’s one can they crake the exam…

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