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Preparation tips for job Interview

About interview: It is one of the stage of selection process for jobs, usually conducted after written test to select the right candidate for the vacant position in various organisations. The organisation always has some needs and expectations from the candidates and based on these requirements candidates are filtered.

Interview need: In written tests organisations generally check the aptitude and technical knowledge of the candidate. Interviews are meant to know whether the candidate has the skills, knowledge, self confidence, attitude towards work and motivation essential for the job.

Who takes interview: Interviewers are often personnel professionals or the person who are trained and have some experience because of which the whole process of interview is well structured and because of their experience they get maximum from candidate. So Market yourself skilfully to interviewer and prove that you are the right person for the vacant position.

Types of interview:

  • Distance/phone interview
  • Face to face/one-on-one interview
  • Panel Interview
  • Group interview
  • Video Interview

Expectation of Interviewer from candidate: Mostly all interviewers will check below listed qualities in a candidate:

  • Technical or subject knowledge
  • Communication skills and Interpersonal skills
  • Body language and Confidence
  • Common sense and presence of mind
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Initiative and experience
  • General ability and stability
  • Etiquette and presentation skills

Preparation before interview:

Resume: Make an impressive Resume which is a critical tool for job. Interviewer will know about you from your resume or CV. It is the first impression he will have of you and helps him to decide your future. It should be short and should contain all information of yours in a simple and neat way. Read your resume thoroughly in such a way that you are able to explain everything written in it to interviewer.

Common Interview Questions: Prepare well for the common questions about to be asked at the time of interview. It is quite possible that interviewer will ask you to ask few questions so prepare such questions also. Also take the time to get information the company.

Mock Interview: Ask someone to take your mock interview. It will provides you with an opportunity to practice for an interview and receive feedback and based on the feedback improve your weak points. . You can also register yourself at college career centers and career counselors for mock interviews. They may provide the cd of your mock interview for analysis and your feedback also.

Interview clothes: The first judgement an interviewer makes of you is from how you look and what you are wearing. So it is always important to dress well for a job interview. And always try to wear simple and comfortable formal dress.

One day before interview: 

  • Recheck your Certificate, testimonials, resume and other required documents and keep photocopy of each and carry your photographs also.
  • Sleep well one night before the day of interview to look fresh.
  • Try to reach the Venue ten-fifteen minutes early to avoid any unwanted stress.
  • Eat something before interview to get energy and to look fresh and comfortable at the time of interview.

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