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Tips to write an effective resume

About resume: Any type of resume is basically self advertisement, which when done properly shows how ones education qualification, skills and achievements match the requirements of the job they want. By your resume you actually sell your skills to organisations. And  An entry level resume is written when you are a fresher or you don’t have any industry exposure/experience.

content of resume: Fresher doesn’t have any industry experience, they need to highlight other points so you may include below listed points in your resume:

  • Firstly include your education qualification that is percentage scored in class xth, class xiith and at graduation or at post graduation level.
  • Mostly all courses include summer training in their curriculum thus also write about companies you have interned.
  • Projects done during graduation or post graduation (you may include your intern projects), explain in few words about them. Write only those projects that you know by heart and can answer any question related to them.
  • Write awards you got during you school or college time.
  • At entry level companies want you to work in team so they will prefer you if you are a team person so you are part of student’s associations or an NGO include this also in your resume.
  • You may include your hobbies also like singing, dancing, swimming, painting etc. But be careful while adding as it is quite possible that interviewer may ask questions related to your hobbies so don’t add any fake hobby.

Format of entry level Resume:

 Personal details: This section will include your name, telephone number and email.

Career objective: Choose it very carefully. Make sure it focuses on organisation need and it is clear.

Education Qualification: This will include your percentage score till post graduation or graduation.

Projects: Write about the projects you were involved during internship and college.

Awards and achievement: Write about your achievements and awards, include important one only.

Hobbies: Include your hobbies. It is quite possible interviewer may ask you about your hobbies so add your hobbies carefully.

Other Personal details: Write your address, date of birth, mother’s name, father’s name etc.

Sample of entry level resume: click here

Basic Tips:

Order of information: Add any information in Chronology order if possible.

Document Used: The resume should be written in word file with proper line spacing, consistent font size, same border, highlighted headings etc

Quality of paper: The paper of the resume should be white.

Updated Resume: Keep updating your resume. While applying for different companies update your resume according to organisation.

Type of information: Never include anything fake in your resume. You should know what? Why? and how? Questions related to any information of your resume.

Bullet points: Use bullet points instead of paragraph. Interviewers don’t have enough time to read the paragraphs of text. So also try to use short sentences to describe your projects.

No photograph: Don’t include your photograph until organisation request you to do so.

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