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Type of job interview and their preparation tips

Interview is one of the stage of selection process for jobs, usually conducted after written test to select the right candidate for the vacant position in various organisations. The organisation always has some needs and expectations from the candidates and based on these requirements candidates are filtered.

There are broadly five type of interviews based on mode and no of interviewers or candidates:

  • Distance/phone interview
  • Face to face/one-on-one interview
  • Group interview
  • Panel  interview
  • Video Interview

This article explain each one of  them in detail.

Distance/phone interview: Such interviews are conducted on phone by organisations in the initial round of the hiring process. They are conducted on phone to screen candidates on the basis of experience, qualifications and salary expectations according to the position and the company. The telephone interview saves the candidate’s time and eliminates candidates that don’t meet the expectations of company.

Special Preparation tip for phone interview:

  • Candidate should treat telephonic interviews in the same way as a face-to-face interview so as to perform well.
  • Keep resume in your hand and avoid multi tasking during interview.
  • Dress formally for telephonic interviews that will make a huge difference in the way you come across to interviewers.
  • Practice mock phone interview so that you get the feel of being interviewed over the phone.
  • Choose a comfortable place for interview so that you can take notes, read notes abd concentrate.
  • Keep a pen and paper along with you.
  • Speak slowly so that interviewer can understand you.
  • Don’t eat, drink or chew during interview

Face to face or one-on-one interview: It is one of the most common and oldest interview processes in organisations for hiring candidates. It is typically a one to one event between candidate and interviewer.

Preparation tips

Group interview: Such types of interviews are conducted by group of people.The group can be formed by interviewers or by candidates. So broadly there are two type of group interview:

Candidate group interview: In this type of  group  interview group of job aspirants or candidates are kept in one room and depending on interviewer you may be asked to perform some group task or some individual task. This type of interview are rare.

Special Tips to prepare for candidate group interview:

  • Be polite with everyone.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Give others a chance to speak.
  • Avoid any type of arguments related to any point.

Panel Interview: It is more common as compared to candidate group interview and in this you will be interviewed by a group of interviewers. Such type of interviews are common for entrance into a post graduate course (M.Tech or MBA).

Special Tips to prepare for Panel group interview:

  • As you enter the room try to wish everyone siting in panel.
  • Always make eye contact with the interviewer who asked you question.
  • Give attention to all the members of panel.

Video Interviews: These are web based interviews and helps interviewer  in hiring process as he can see all interview videos and choose the right candidate for the vacant seat.


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